We provide standard Security & Performance checks to maximize computer's performance. We will ensure that we have taken necessary steps to secure you system and update all critical updates installed.

        The EvovIT group is also Applied Watch Certified Security Engineers who are currently filling an immediate need in the market for a strong management system for snort sensors by delivering the best information security services available.

     "The Snort IDS has been widely deployed across government and commercial networks -- with downloads exceeding 16 million to become the number 1 Intrusion Detection System available. However, until Applied Watch announced the Applied Watch Command Center, there was no cross-platform, browser less, monitoring and management solution for the Snort IDS.  "

      "With the Applied Watch Command Center, users can enjoy a single, user-friendly management console and server to aggregate IDS data from multiple Snort sensors deployed across dispersed sites. With effortless ease, administrators can quickly identify false positives, store notes on individual security events to prevent duplication of
effort, as well as manage users in a central location for all employees needing Console accounts to the Command center. “