During the diagnostic stage, our EvovIT technicians will get to the heart of your computing trouble and root out the problem through a series of system checks and diagnostics using intricate software and physical checks. Once the problem has been resolved we'll recommend best practices for future uses as we see most appropriate.

We can Diagnose and Troubleshoot:

  • Hardware Component issues when your computer is not performing properly.
    • Video
    • Sound
    • Keyboard/Mouse/Touchpad
    • USB problems
    • Network
  • Compatibility errors occur often and our technicians can fix and/or replace drivers or software that controls the device in mind.

Extensive diagnosis can discover the cause of crashes, lockups, unusual slowness or internet problems. This includes software repair, viruses and spy ware removal and physical cleaning. Optimize to enjoy faster computer speed and better performance.


Computers periodically become outdated, there is always something new and innovative that develops. To keep up with the cutting edge, we offer services to update your computerís hardware components. We can upgrade your Memory, Hard disks, Processors, Graphics Cards, basically any component that is performing below standards.

EvovIT Technicians are available to install any one PC compatible internal or external hardware device onto your desktop or laptop. Graphics/video card, memory, hard drives, and optical drives are examples of what this service includes. Hardware not included (Purchase Separately) .

Computer Optimization:

As you know computers are similar to a car, it is a finely tuned machine that needs regular maintenance to keep it running and in good working order. So we use the latest technology knowledge to ensure your system will perform to its best capabilities.

Virus, Malware & Spyware Cleaning

Malicious Viruses, Spy ware have been threatening clients online, and if you have noticed your system has been recently sluggish or your internet speed connection has been slowed down tremendously, stop. These symptoms could possibly be indicators of possible suspicious activity. Give us a call we will ensure that your system is free of any Virus or Spy ware treats. If systems are left untreated they can lead to severe outcomes (i.e. identity theft, browser hijacking, personnel information deleted or stolen and even worse Ad ware can be perpetrating your system at your home or even your business, and you don't even know.

Our EvovIT technology associates are here to protect you and you computer system; to ensure your personal and business data is not harmed. We will be able to assist you in any caliber needed to ensure your system is Virus and Spy ware Free.

Sometimes, certain harmful software finds its way to your computer. These files include viruses, ad ware, and spy ware. These files can harm your computer, cause pop up ads, track your internet and computer usage, or physically harm your hard drive and even record your key strokes and pattern of activities online. We have specialized software and tools to remove these files.